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Accreditation Process New Facility Community Spirometry Service

New Community Spirometry Service


Step 1: DAP Documents: 

Physicians and facilities intending to provide spirometry service must complete the two DAP Spirometry documents:  

After the DAP has approved the Spirometry Initial Assessment, there are still a few steps required before the physician can start billing for spirometry:

  • Credentialing is required by the College of Physicians and Surgeons.
  • Authorization of a New Facility Application is required by the Ministry of Health.

Step 2: Credentialing:

  • On the College of Physician and Surgeons of British Columbia website: is the Credentialing section.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page to the Standards/Requirements for Pulmonary function testing [PFT], and Forms for the Application for Credentialing form. 
    • The application is submitted to the attention of Lesley Levett, Senior Administrative Assistant to Dr. M. Murray, Deputy Registrar:
  • Once approved, the credentialing letter is sent to the applying physician, along with a copy to the Diagnostic Accreditation Program and MSC (via email).

Step 3: Authorization by Ministry of Health:

  • On the Diagnostic Facilities Administration (DFA) website: under the heading Diagnostic Service Modalities click on Pulmonary function to find the list of “restricted” Pulmonary Function Categories and Fee Items that require Ministry approval (Category IIA and IIB).
  • Contact the Diagnostic Facilities Administration, Ministry of Health, at to request a “New Facility Application Form”.  
  • Once authorized, the DFA will provide a Certificate of Approval, at which time the facility can start billing Medical Services Plan for Level II (Category IIB - Pulmonary Function Studies).  
  • DFA application approval is subject to DAP accreditation and CPSBC credentialing.

Please note:  Physicians/facilities that have been accredited for Level 2 (MSP’s Category IIB – simple spirometry +/- bronchodilator) are not automatically accredited for Category IVA (Flow Volume Loop); each has its own DAP application form. If a Level 2/Category IIB facility chooses to also perform Cat IVA  they will not be able to bill MSP outside a hospital setting.  Therefore, physicians/facilities that are performing these services in a private setting can apply to DAP for Cat IVA, but will not be able to bill MSP. 

Step 4: DAP Ongoing Accreditation  

  • Accreditation by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP) is a requirement for all sites that perform spirometry. The accreditation program for community based spirometry is based upon the continuous review of quality assurance and control data submitted to the DAP by the community based service. Level 1 and Level 2 (MSP Category IIA and IIB) facilities and private clinics performing spirometry require participation in the DAP Spirometry Quality Control Program as part of their accreditation. 
  • All documents relating to the DAP Spirometry Quality Control Program may be found here: click here
  • Exemption: If the spirometer used exclusively is the COPD-6 Spirometer, as approved by the Medical Services Commission for case finding, DAP accreditation is not required for this test.