Registration of New Equipment



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Education HC Safety Code 35 Equipment Registration


 Registration of New Equipment 

Safety Code 35 Summary 

Radiographic/Radioscopic/Computed Tomography


In SC35 Section A - Responsibilities and Protection, it states that a medical physicist or radiation safety officer must ensure that all new equipment is registered with the appropriate agency



To address this regulation, the Diagnostic Accreditation Program has included a mandatory requirement in its 2014 Diagnostic Imaging Standards that states “new and replaced medical X-ray equipment is registered with the Diagnostic Accreditation Program of BC.”



The form below outlines the equipment information that needs to be documented and submitted to the DAP.


Please note: The “Submit by Email to DAP” button on the pdf form does not work at this time.  Save the document to your local workstation and submit the completed form as an attachment to



Registration Form