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About Us DAP Committee


The Diagnostic Accreditation Program Committee is appointed by the Board of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. The Committee determines if a diagnostic facility should be accredited to provide a diagnostic service.


The committee membership is comprised of the following individuals:


Voting Members

Dr. V. J. Astrope, Chair



Dr. Romina Reyes, Vice Chair



Dr. Stephen Holland, 

Gastroenterologist, CPSBC Board Member


Dr. W. S. Lister



Dr. M. A. Moss

Medical Biochemist


Mr. Barry Penner

Public Representative, CPSBC Board Member


Dr. T. Ward

Health Authority Representative


Non-Voting Members

Ms. J. Crickmore

Ministry of Health Services Representative


Dr. M. Murray

Deputy Registrar


Ms. H. Healey

Senior Director